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Are you tired of searching documents in a massive piles of paper works?

Are you sure that you are reading the latest shared document amongst your colleagues?

That conventional way of creating, distributing, and managing documents needs to be enhanced with a system like DocPoint.

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DocPoint offers you a new way of creating, distributing, and managing paper works. With a one stop solution, DocPoint delivers a very user friendly application interface which integrates with your daily Office applications.

By using DocPoint, your paper work is managed by an automated system from creating the draft, request an approval, revise the document, distribute the document, and also manage the retention of the document. DocPoint uses SharePoint as the main application hosts, MS Outlook and MS Word as client interface. You can easily create documents with a pre-defined document template and then distribute it for an approval or to be shared with others, while others including you, can easily view and track the document flow.


  • Quick and easy document drafting and approval
  • Standarized document process flow
  • Multilevel document approval
  • Instant notification
  • Delegation feature
  • Document tracking function
  • Document retention feature
  • Integration with Active Directory and MS Office Word & Outlook