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Software Licensing
Our Software Licensing Solutions help you choose software products to meet your needs using the most cost-effective licensing scheme. This is enabled by TechPoint's expertise in the licensing agreements of vendors such as Adobe, Citrix, IBM, Microsoft, Symantec, Kaspersky, etc. Regardless of the size of your business, we can help you reduce costs and improve the performance of your software estate.

Our unique outsourcing approach helps your company plan proactively for attrition of knowledge and skills. Ensure retention of business knowledge and important staff onsite and offsite with our bespoke outsourcing service.

eBusiness Solution
Our eBusiness Solution simplifies the way your people communicate, share expertise, gain business insights and find information. It amplifies the impact of your people by delivering powerful experiences across the PC, phone and browser for the way people work today-and the way they expect to work in the future. Our solution provides a complete offering - a full-featured suite of server and client products that fully integrate with Microsoft platform, providing easy-to-use information directly where people work, collaborate, and make decisions.

DocPoint offers you a new way of creating, distributing, and managing paper works. With a one stop solution, DocPoint delivers a very user friendly application interface which integrates with your daily Office applications.

CallPoint transforms call centers into innovative contact centers and optimize resource utilization so you can service more customers with fewer agents, reduce costs, and improve customer service, sales and collections results.

MeetPoint delivers a web based meeting room reservation service that deals with all the aggravation related to scheduling rooms, meetings or equipment at your offices even if they are scattered on different location.

Whether you are facing challenges related to distribution, container logistics, routing and dispatching, or any other transportation and logistics - related inefficiencies, LogiSys enables your organization to maximize the potential of your existing resources, respond quicker to dynamic events, and improve delivery performance.